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About Us

About Us :-

ChemHub is your virtual Think Tank providing access to the world's most creative and innovative minds – collaborative problem solvers and innovators.  eThinkTank of ChemHub has people with extensive experience in the custom chemicals industry. Our experience helps us to make sourcing difficult-to-find chemicals a much more pleasant and productive process for both the buyers and sellers.
ChemHub supports its clients in three key areas :
•   CRO/CMO partner providing reliable and cost effective chemistry to our customers in the flavor and fragrance industry and custom research and manufacturing services to the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries
•    A supplier of aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical intermediates
•    Broker innovative solutions for technical chemistry challenges
Our Mission to Our Customers
•    Provide optimal and most suitable solutions for each client
•    Offer high quality, cost effective and timely delivery of custom manufactured fine chemicals boosting our clients profitability
•    Identify reliable suppliers quickly for our pharmaceutical and biotech customers within their budget expectations
•    Provide platform for reliable sellers to connect with buyers at a fraction of cost to hire in-house business development personnel

•    Maintain superior customer service and communication with customers
Key Capabilities
        Strong Control of the Production Process
•    Well developed and fined tuned processes
•    Immediate availability for some orders
•    Low cost, large scale and high quality products manufactured in India
•    Significant control over raw materials – all are available in India. Basic raw materials are Propionitrile and Isopropyl Bromide
        Large Scale Production & Certification  
•    Capacity is up to five metric tons per month with ability to upgrade as needed
•    COA will be for every single MT. (For example for five MT material, five COA will be issued.)
•    Ability to issue COA, Food Allergen and GMO Certificate and will monitor  quality control through our strategic partner, Chemo Dynamics
•    Option to use Kosher Certified and food grade material
       Excellent Processes and Strong Risk Management Profile
•    Production is done in finest SS equipment under GMP like condition
•    Process used is fractional distillation, not crystallization
•    Processes are free from halogenated solvent
•    Offer extremely high pure material that are best suited for F&F and Pharma applications
•    Adequate liability insurance
Key Strategic Partners
        ChemHub maintains key strategic relationships with a number of research and manufacturing partners:
•    Chemo Dynamics - a US based CRO with over five decades of research knowledge and reputation for producing high quality products with efficient and fast turnaround times.  It is located in Sayreville, New Jersey and has successfully synthesized more that 10,000 compounds mainly in the pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.
•    Joint venture with Indian and Chinese companies that manufacturers chemicals