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ChemHub is your virtual Think Tank providing access to the world's most creative and innovative minds – collaborative problem solvers and innovators.  eThinkTank of ChemHub has people with extensive experience in the custom chemicals industry. Our experience helps us to make sourcing difficult-to-find chemicals a much more pleasant and productive process for both the buyers and sellers.


ChemHub supports its clients in three key areas :


  • CRO/CMO partner providing reliable and cost effective chemistry to our customers in the flavor and fragrance industry and custom research and manufacturing services to the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries
  • A supplier of aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical intermediates
  • Broker innovative solutions for technical chemistry challenges


Our Mission to Our Customers


•        Provide optimal and most suitable solutions for each client

•        Offer high quality, cost effective and timely delivery of custom manufactured fine chemicals boosting our clients profitability

•        Identify reliable suppliers quickly for our pharmaceutical and biotech customers within their budget expectations

•        Provide platform for reliable sellers to connect with buyers at a fraction of cost to hire in-house business development personnel

Maintain superior customer service and communication with customers