We offer research, analytical services and small and large quantity manufacturing to flavor &fragrance and pharmaceutical companies during discovery, testing and clinical trial periods. Our facilities are equipped with tools that will ensure that proper analytics are completed on every project. Our machinery includes:

  • GC (HP 6890 Series Auto samplers)
  • UV-Vis Spectrophometer (Shimadzu Pharmaspec UV-1700)
  • Karl Fischer Titrator (Metrohm 701KF Titrino)
  • FTIR (Nicolet iS10 Series)
  • HPLC (Two HP1100 Series Auto samplers
  • Photodiode array detector, Variable UV detector)
  • Varian multiprobe NMR
  • Mercury Consol
  • 2D Capability
  • Shimadzu GC/MS
  • Polarimeter (Jasco P-1020)

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