ChemHub support clients in three key areas

  • CRO/CMO partner providing reliable and cost effective chemistry to our customers in the flavor and fragrance

ChemHub Key Capabilities

  • Strong Control of the Production Process
  • Well developed and fined tuned processes
  • Immediate availability to execute orders
  • Low cost, large scale and high quality products manufactured
  • Significant control over key raw materials

Large Scale Production & Certification

  • Capacity is in several tons per month with ability to upgrade as needed or required
  • COA will be for every single MT
  • Ability to issue COA, Food Allergen and GMO Certificate and monitor quality control
  • Option to use Kosher Certified and food grade material

Excellent Innovative Processes at ChemHub

  • Production is done in finest GLR and SS equipment under GMP like condition
  • Stringent Purification Process through fractional distillation, crystallization,
  • Processes are free from halogenated solvent
  • Offer extremely high pure material that are best suited for F&F and Pheromone and Pharma applications

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    Core Strengths

    • Core strength lies in the synthesis of products through various chemistry on a large scale.
    • Successfully make products for our customers through handling of diverse chemical reactions.
    • Offer distinct advantages in terms of price, Quality and other deliverables such as removal of unwanted impurity or a better impurity profile, better yields thus leading to better pricing, passing on the cost advantage to the customer etc.
    • The prime focus for us is to innovate with the available chemistry and design equipments to achieve value addition for our customers worldwide.

    Reaction/Process Capability

    • Bromination
    • Hydrobromination
    • Dehydro halogenation
    • Grignard reaction
    • Grignard Coupling
    • Sodamide coupling
    • Palladium coupling(sonagashira Reaction)
    • Protection & deprotection with DHP
    • Michael additon
    • Esterification
    • Acetylenic coupling
    • Cis or Trans reduction
    • Wittig reaction
    • Butyl lithium reaction
    • Aldol Condensation
    • Claisen Condensation
    • Dieckman Cyclization
    • Darzen Condensatio
    • Knoevenagel Condensation
    • Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction
    • Bayer — Villiger Reaction
    • Hoffmann Reaction
    • Friedel-Kraft Reaction