10-Monounsaturated Pheromones

At ChemHub, we have developed and scaled up the core intermediate 10-Undecyne-1-ol and is commercially available from us.

This intermediate can lead to four important semiochemicals (pheromones) targeting different insect species mentioned above. And, of course, there are other pheromones can be targeted to make from 10-Undecynol, such as 10-Pentadecyne-1-ol. In this blog article, 10-Pentadecynol is not mentioned, even though, ChemHub is one of the largest producer of 10-Pentadecyne-1-ol and can supply in bulk quantity.

We make 10-Undecynol and 10-Undecynoic acid starting from 10-Undecylenic acid.  We have the strategic advantage and ability to make this raw material, 10- Undecylenic acid, as we have the ready collaborative access to castor oil cracking facility where we get all the value added raw materials from castor oil cracking. Another example of castor oil cracking is that we get Heptaldehyde, which is an important raw material and can lead to several value-added products.

We are making 10-Undecynoic acid as well which can have various different application including making 10,12-Pentacosadiynoic acid.

Hence, we have accomplished the competitive process for making the final products using 10-Undecynol. Please inquire with us to discuss your requirement.

We can help to bring superior quality, speed and attractive economics to you to help you faster entry into the market place.


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