ChemHub is Reliable outsourcing partner for Flavor & Fragrance in New Jersey, US

We at ChemHub have a team of chemists dedicated with passion to offer our clients the best quality products at a reasonable cost. ChemHub offers a number of products including custom services to our valued customers. We value innovation, creativity, capabilities, and experience here at ChemHub. In this blog, we discuss the flavor and fragrance offered by ChemHub.

Flavor & Fragrance offered by ChemHub 

Flavors and fragrances are used in various applications ranging from cosmetics to food. At ChemHub, we offer a number of flavor and fragrance ingredients. Listed below are some examples of the flavors and fragrance ingredients offered by us. We plan to introduce a number of additional F&F ingredients in the near future.

  • Maple Furanone –Ethyl Fenugreek Lactone, widely known as Maple Furanone, is a strong and powerful tasting chemical. The flavor and aroma is nature identical to maple syrup and caramel. It works in the kitchen when coupled with sweet brown flavors like chocolate, caramel, maple, coffee, vanilla, and butterscotch. It’s also utilized in conjunction with smoky taste, most frequently in the form of meats. This chemical is extremely long-lasting when utilized in scent and requires pairing with equally tenacious and strong odored compounds to reach its full potential. This item is our signature item and the price is quite reasonable.
  • Caramel Furanone –Sotolon is a lactone with a distinctive smell, smelling like fenugreek or curry at large concentrations of caramel, maple syrup, or burnt sugar at lesser concentrations. Sotolon’s texture also contributes to the elusive flavor component, which we know as mouthfeel. It has a heavy “taste,” if that makes perfect sense. ChemHub makes this item in high quality and offer to clients at reasonable cost.
  • Delta-Nonalactone –Delta-Nonalactone is a clear liquid with really no color. It’s also recognized for its perfumery, culinary flavoring, Aromatic cosmetic soap detergent, and the fragrance industry. It’s a type of molecule discovered in bourbon whiskey. Delta-Nonalactone contains unique spicy and fruity undertones in addition to the traditional coconut taste, making it ideal for dairy, coconut, and meat applications. We have developed unique method to make it and supply worldwide.
  • Methyl Heptine Carbonate –Methyl heptine carbonate, abbreviated as MHC in short and is utilized in the flavor and fragrance business. It smells like vegetables and is employed in many other types of aromas. The MHC flavor has a pleasant melon aroma to it. This component is also used as a chemical synthesis intermediate. Methyl heptine carbonate is used to give scents and meals a “green” taste or flavor, similar to what you’d find in vegetables, plants, and cucumbers. ChemHub produces this chemical for a long time using a variety of techniques from the scratch. They are increasingly using renewable materials that aid in the preservation of the earth’s natural resources.
  • Methyl Octine Carbonate –Methyl Octine Carbonate is a greenish and floral fragrant compound that is frequently used in perfumery and flavoring. Like violet and cucumber, it has a fruity-vegetable top note with faint green undertones. Also, this molecule is used in the production of flower perfumes and outdoor goods, as well as tea.

All the products offered by ChemHub are Kosher certified. The flavors and fragrances listed here are just a sneak peek of what ChemHub can offer. There are more products to choose from, which we will add on our official website.

Why choose ChemHub? 

ChemHub is a dedicated contract research organization (CRO) and contract manufacturing organization (CMO) focusing on modest and commercial-scale production for customers in flavors and fragrance, pheromone, and fine chemical industries.

ChemHub has a lot of experience with tailored programs for high-value chemicals. Our expertise and smart JV collaborations enable us to produce difficult-to-find chemicals at a lower cost and productively. We encourage Integrity, Responsiveness, Reliability, Innovation, and Teamwork at ChemHub.

  • ChemHub offers a number of products to its clients, such as pheromones, flavors and fragrances, and other fine/specialty chemicals for diversified applications.
  • The expert professionals at ChemHub have decades of experience.
  • We explore capabilities and opportunities according to the demands of the client.
  • Our team will discuss your project with you and consider your valuable feedback.
  • ChemHub typically requires three to four months for the custom/campaign production of intermediates and semiochemicals.

ChemHub Key Features

  • The Production Process is Under Strict Control
  • Processes that have been well-developed and fine-tuned
  • Orders can be filled straight away if you need them.
  • Products are made at a reasonable cost, on a huge scale, and with good quality.
  • Key raw materials are under tight supervision and monitored

Core Strengths of ChemHub 

  • The design and synthesis of products using diverse chemistry is a key strength.
  • Handle all types of chemical reactions successfully to produce chemicals for our customers.
  • Offer differentiated price, quality, and other deliverables.
  • The elimination of undesired impurities and remove contaminant profile to suit F&F requirement and specification.
  • Greater yield leading to improved pricing, passing on cost savings to the customer.
  • Our ultimate purpose is to create value for our customers by inventing with the existing chemistry and design.

Production on a Large Scale and Certification 

  • Capacity is several tons each month, with the ability to expand as needed.
  • Each and every MT will have a COA.
  • Ability to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA), a Food Allergen Certificate, and a GMO Certificate, and also maintain quality control.
  • The use of Kosher-certified and food-grade materials to produce materials.

ChemHub has excellent innovative techniques. 

  • Production is performed using the finest GLR and SS technology in a GMP-like environment.
  • Fractional distillation and crystallization are used in a strict filtration process.
  • There is no halogenated solvent in the operations.
  • Offer ultra-pure substances that are ideal for F&F, pheromone, and pharmaceutical purposes.

Customers’ Mission at ChemHub 

  • Provide the best suitable solutions to each client.
  • Provide a cost-effective, high-quality, and trustworthy delivery service.
  • Custom/Toll To improve the profitability of our clients, we manufacture exquisite chemicals.
  • Maintain outstanding customer service and communication with customers in order to grasp their needs better.
  • Establish a long-term relationship and commitment with customers.


For Process Control, Raw Material Control, and Quality Control, ChemHub maintains crucial strategic protocols and select appropriate manufacturing partners to produce exclusively for ChemHub only. ChemHub has manufactured over hundreds of chemicals, mostly for the F&F, Pheromone, pharma and biotech industries. Our goal is to produce and offer best quality products to our clients.

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us at our contact number +1-908-548-0790. You can also mail us your queries info@chemhub.com