Grandlure I, II, III, IV

Ball Weevil Beetle or Anthonomus grandis is a pest from Coleoptera Curculionidea family of insects. This beetle thrives on cash crop of Cotton.

(Image of Ball Weevil Insect on Catton ball and white colored Larva inside damaged cotton ball) 

Ball weevil is a serious pest for cotton in South America and Mexico since decades. Ball weevil infested cotton crop to 90% level. It travelled to United Sates from Mexico substantially damaging 87% crop in many states causing huge losses to the tune of Billion dollars. Sometimes they infest in homes and feed on cotton clothes.

First insecticide DDT enabled U.S. farmers again to grow cotton as an economic crop. DDT was initially extremely effective, but U.S. weevil populations developed resistance Methyl parathion, malathion, and pyrethroids were subsequently used, but environmental and resistance concerns arose as they had with DDT, and control strategies changed. Now a days it is controlled environment friendly Insect pheromones .

For control of Ball Weevil, we offer a group of pheromones (Male Aggression Pheromones) called Grandlures of high purity. Grandlure I & II are used mainly and Grandlure III & IV are used in less quantities.

Grandlure I : 1R,2S-cis-1-Methyl-2-Isopropenylcyclobutaneethanol (CAS No: 26532-22-9)

Grandlure II: (Z)-2-(3,3-Dimethyl)-Cyclohexyllideneethanol (CAS No: 26532-23-0)

Grandlure III: (Z)-(3,3-Dimethyl)-Cyclohexylideneacetaldehyde (CAS No: 26532-24-1)

Grandlure IV: (E)-(3,3-Dimethylcyclohexylidene)acetaldehyde (CAS No: 26352-25-2)

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