Pheromones, Semiochemicals and Intermediates

The terminology of pheromones came into existence in the 1950s when Peter Karlson and Martin Luscher began conducting research. Pheromones are organically occurring chemicals that trigger behavioral responses in another member of the same species. Nowadays, synthetic pheromones have become a crucial part of the pheromone industry to control insects and is alternative solution to pesticide industry.

Unlike pesticide, pheromones are required in minute amount and replace toxic pesticide which not only destroy the soil quality, but also pesticide residue can stay in the crops which can be toxic and carcinogenic. Pheromones (Semiochemicals) are an eco-sensitive way of dealing with pest infestation, controlling pest behavior, and managing forests.

ChemHub deals in a plethora of pheromones and semiochemicals, and, offer extraordinarily premium quality materials optimal for Pheromone application at a reasonable price.

Few examples of Pheromones supplied by ChemHub. Please visit chemhub.com for more information

  1. (-)-Verbenone, CAS number: 1196-01-6

In simple words, we can define Verbenone as a conventional pesticide that is non-toxic to pests and the environment. It is a registered product within the purview of EPA. It is an anti-aggregation pheromone for various kinds of bark beetles like the Southern Pine Beetle, Western Pine Beetle, and so forth. ChemHub supplies top-quality Verbenone in aluminum containers for use by chemists and druggists.

  1. 4-Methyl-5-nonanone, CAS number: 35900-26-6

ChemHub supplies one of the best quality 4-Methyl-5-nonanone in the US.

  1. (Z)-5-Decen-1-yl acetate, CAS number: 67446-07-5

If you are looking for the best quality (Z)-5-Decent-1-yl acetate Pheromones, then contact ChemHub. We have supplied the intermediates in the past.

  1. 3-Methyl-2-Cyclohexenone, CAS Number: 1193-18-6

It can be used as a pheromone and also is a precursor to Ball Weevil pheromone which is Grand Lure. Talk to us at ChemHub if you are looking for it. We can make and supply all four types of Grand Lure or the intermediates as precursors.

  1. 3,3-Dimethylcyclohexanone, CAS number is 2979-19-13

It is a pheromone intermediate precursor for Ball Weevil pheromone. This is also a precursor to Grand Lure and contact us for further information. We can make all components of Grandlure.

  1. z-7-Tetradecenal, CAS number: 65128-96-3

This pheromone is for Spaelotis clandestine. We have recently made it in a very innovative way and did scale up. Contact us for further information

  1. 11-Hexadecyne-1-ol, CAS number: 65686-49-9

This is an intermediate for quite a few pheromones. Please contact us for further information.

  1. 10-Undecyn-1-ol, CAS number: 2774-84-7

This is an important intermediate leading to quite a few pheromones. ChemHub deals in the top quality and can provide the final pheromones as well. Please contact ChemHub for further information.

  1. (e,z)-2,13-Octadecadien-1-al, CAS No: 99577-57-8

We have recently made it for one of our client for a good savings and is completely satisfied. Please contact ChemHub for more information.

What Is ChemHub all About?

ChemHub is a CRO and CMO oriented company based in New Jersey, US, that serves the pheromone and intermediates, along with fragrance, and flavor ingredients. The company’s focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises looking for reliable, trustworthy, and diligent services. The team of ChemHub has expertise to handle customized products and complex high-value chemicals with ease and dexterity. The company has a reputation for being the best at what they do! The ethos of ChemHub – responsiveness, reliability, innovation, and teamwork – implies that ChemHub will prioritize your needs, and they will take care of all the technical hassles. The chemical industry is in dire need of accountable companies that fit into excellent certification criteria and deliver immaculate quality. Moreover, ChemHub’s experienced and strategic team can work with you mean to offer rare and hard-to-find materials at an affordable price.

Why Choose ChemHub?

ChemHub stands out as a CRO and CMO focused company because of its well-developed and streamlined process coupled with its robust control and execution. The extensive manufacturing capacity of ChemHub, in conjunction with its affordable price and high quality, makes ChemHub stand alone from other vendors. In the area of innovation, ChemHub shines bright as it produces its products with the best GLR and SS equipment under the ambit of GMP-like conditions. Furthermore, the purification process of chemical compounds is as stringent as it can get, with processes like fractional distillation and crystallization being prioritized. Lastly, all production processes of ChemHub are free from halogenated solvents.

In addition to its fantastic production and supply ventures, ChemHub makes sure that its customers get flexibility and their requirements are being taken care of. It offers distinguishable merits in terms of price, quality, and deliverables like removal of unwanted impurity, better purity, and likewise are considered with utmost sincerity. Thus, choosing ChemHub means choosing a CRO and CMO oriented company that listens, communicates, and pledges to offer the optimal solutions. ChemHub prides itself on long-term client engagement and relationships and acknowledges the significance of an optimally symbiotic relationship in an industry like the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Services and Products Offered by ChemHub

ChemHub is a pioneer in delivering technology packages that serves the following objectives –

  • Green Environmental Resonance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent Quality
  • Robust Operation
  • Safety
  • Technology Transfer

ChemHub has expertise in the following three areas –

  • It offers CRO and CMO support that is reliable and cost-effective to clients engaged in the pheromone and F&F industry.
  • The manufacturing and custom research services offered by ChemHub are exemplary and reliable.
  • ChemHub also manufactures and supply specialty chemicals and intermediates.

In addition to pheromones and semiochemicals, ChemHub also deals in flavor, fragrances, and fine chemicals. The company’s founder, Subir Chakraborty, devised ChemHub for creative and strategic technology plans that drive growth for chemical and pharmaceutical industries while offering cost-effectiveness and constant improvement. Since its inception, ChemHub has successfully synthesized more than 1000 compounds, primarily in the Biotech and Pharma industries. The company has been serving customers by dealing with diverse chemical reactions, innovating the available chemistry, and designing pieces of equipment that add value. It has collaborated with several global companies and maintains strategic relationships with various research and manufacturing partners for Raw Material Control, Quality Control, and Process Control.

Concluding Thoughts

ChemHub is a pioneer CRO and CMO based company that provides the best quality pheromones and semiochemicals in the safest possible ways. The company has been at the forefront of revolutionizing pheromone and semiochemical production process through its state-of-the-art production, purification, and distribution mechanism.