Interdependence is not unusual in chemical industry, rather a strategic alliance between two companies or partners is beneficial to undertake mutually dependent projects despite remaining in an independent space. Once two or more partners pool their respective resources, a separate business entity develops which helps in expanding the business into new markets, improve existing product line, develop new technologies and even an edge over the market competitors. Partnership indeed matters as it helps two parties to move towards a common goal that will be beneficiary.


Strategic alliance can be both informal and formal. Responsibilities of each member are clearly defined to make the coalition more effective. ChemHub has also entered into strategic alliance to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project and make deliverables more comprehensive as well as effective. Our growth is thus phenomenal, taking us to new heights.


ChemHub maintains key strategic relationships with a number of research and manufacturing partners. The Company has strong experience in the Pheromone and Flavor & Fragrance industry.

Our Key partners include:

  • Chemo Dynamics, New Jersey, US based CRO with over five decades of research knowledge and reputation for producing high quality products with efficient and fast turnaround time.
  • Joint ventures with facilities in India and China that produce large scale manufacturing plants.

With our CRO/CMO partners we deliver a number of services including Custom Synthesis, Process Development, Analytical/ QA Support, Consulting Services, Lead time optimization, Yield-Optimization, Purity, Reaction Time, Hypothermic Reaction, Green Chemistry, Process optimization and Product/Literature Search.


As a chemical supplier our partnership aims at Logistic Management including Import/Export and warehouse facilities, Custom Broking, Bulk Chemicals, Waste management and Transportation. We are deft at supplying aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical intermediates. Our production is focused on Flavor & Fragrance and Pharmaceutical industries as well. With our CRO/CMO partners IN US, India and China, we are focused on small scale research and large scale production.

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