Analytical Support at ChemHub

ChemHub is a CMO and CRO-oriented company that engages in research and investigation of custom chemistry challenges and products for fine chemicals, pheromones, semiochemicals, flavors, and fragrances industries. Recently, the company also displayed an excellent capability to produce OLED materials and specialty material in the fine chemical industries. Both small-scale and commercial-scale industries are the target clientele of ChemHub. It is noteworthy to mention that ChemHub has extensive organic chemistry research experience with high-level trained staff to offer dedicated, quality and uncompromising services in analytical support, process development, and chiral chemistry.

Since its inception, ChemHub has been at the forefront of offering complete analytical support and method development coupled with comprehensive QS data packages, including structure elucidation and data interpretation. Through its state-of-the-art analytical tools such as NMR, GC, optimal rotation, KF titration, and so forth, ChemHub aims to dispense optimal support to its clientele in a timely fashion, at competitive prices, and within intellectual property protection. Some of the chemical analysis services that ChemHub offers, include –

  • Analytical Method Development
  • Data Interpretation
  • GC (Chiral and non-chiral columns)
  • GC-MS
  • HPLC (Chiral and non-chiral columns)
  • NMR (multi-nuclei and 2-D)
  • FT-IR
  • Optical rotation
  • Karl-Fischer Titration
  • UV-VIS
  • DSC
  • Stability testing

Thus, ChemHub is nearly one-stop destination for all analytical support related to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We have arrangements to provide other analytical services, such as,

  • Heavy metal
  • Toxicity
  • Microbiological assay

Importance of ChemHub’s Analytical Support

It would not be erroneous to say that analytical testing is the DNA of all pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Analytical support is essential for all kinds production campaign for quality control and process monitoring. ChemHub’s analytical support helps our own production and process control. ChemHub’s Analytical support helps businesses to manufacture, conduct research, and development, validate, and execute GCP, GLP, and cGMP analytical methods that range from routine to highly complex programs. First, the company identifies, determines, quantifies, and purifies a substance. After that, steps like separating the components of a solution or mixture or determining the chemical compounds are also taken into account.

With the inundation of FDA regulations and customer lawsuits, the significance of rigorous testing has escalated in pharmaceutical industries. It is in such a context of stringency that the analytical support mechanism of ChemHub comes into the picture. The impact of the increasingly regulated environment puts a lot of pressure on drug developers, and the GOOD MANUFACTURING practices of ChemHub act as the knight in shining armor by alleviating some of their rudimentary responsibilities. The four pivotal domains that set the analytical support of ChemHub a class apart from the rest are –

  • Regulatory compliance to CGMP-CGLP guidelines
  • Accessibility and professional competency that galvanizes the rigorous execution of a project
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Affordability

ChemHub’s Technology Package and Analytical Support: The Perfect Duo

ChemHub aims to combine its excellent analytical support solutions with a holistic technology package to ensure that its clients get the best of both worlds.

  • The company ensures that its analytical support is robustly operable and has a practical approach.
  • Likewise, the cost-efficiency of the entire process is also prioritized. One of the main reasons ChemHub stands out among its clients in the pharmaceutical industry is its solemn concentration on competitive pricing.
  • The green energy goals through analytical support also form an integral part of the functionality of ChemHub.
  • The quality that ChemHub offers in its analytical support and testing procedures is unmatched.
  • Lastly, safety and IP transfer are two pillars that ChemHub diligently focuses on.

Top Five Reasons to Choose ChemHub for Analytical Support

ChemHub has a reputation for being the reliable and consistent at what they do! The ethos of ChemHub – responsiveness, reliability, innovation, and teamwork – implies that ChemHub will prioritize their clients’ needs and offer support that speaks to the unique endeavors of a project.

  1. Certification – ChemHub offers Kosher certified food-grade materials. We are also FDA food facility registered.
  2. In the area of innovation, ChemHub shines bright as it produces its products with the best GLR and SS equipment under the ambit of GMP-like conditions.
  1. Flexibility – ChemHub makes sure that its customers get flexibility and their requirements are being taken care of. It offers distinguishable merits in terms of price, quality, and deliverables like removal of unwanted impurity, better purity, and likewise are considered with utmost sincerity. Thus, choosing ChemHub means choosing a CRO and CMO-oriented company that listens, communicates, and pledges to offer the optimal solutions. ChemHub prides itself on long-term client engagement and relationships and acknowledges the significance of an optimally symbiotic relationship in an industry like the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.
  1. Long-term Client Relationship – Many of the customers of ChemHub have been long-term clients who always return owing to the excellent customer engagement offered by the organization. ChemHub pays a lot of attention to customer retention and satisfaction through viable communication and collaborative measures.
  1. Optimized Solutions – ChemHub ensures that they disseminate the most suitable and optimal analytical support solutions to their clients. The company ensures that its recommendations, plans, and layouts are customized to meet its customers’ diverse and disparate requirements. Moreover, ChemHub leaves no stone unturned to provide analytical support quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.
  1. Innovation – ChemHub strives to offer optimal and the most suitable analytical support solutions for every client. The company’s innovative and groundbreaking plans for analytical support are appreciated and sought-after by various sectors.

Concluding Thoughts

ChemHub aims to provide optimal, satisfactory, and the most suitable analytical support solutions to their clients by co-opting top-notch and highly complex analytical tools. The company’s prowess is in the dexterity that it displays while engaging with analytical support tools and processes like Karl-Fischer Titration, Optical Rotation, Data Interpretation, and so forth. ChemHub’s combination of qualified professionals with premium technology means that the needs of the drug developers are served to the best possible extent. Likewise, its salient focus on timely delivery, competitive pricing, and high quality provide it with an edge. Thus, without any doubt, doubt ChemHub strives to be reliable trustworthy partner in the crowded CMO and CRO market. Thus, ChemHub’s goal as a CRO and CMO-focused company to deliver best services possible in analytical support to their clients in the pharmaceutical and other chemistry sectors. ChemHub has a mission to become a comprehensive company within the domain of CMO and CRO.